Paul Conway Architects

Free Domestic BER

Free Domestic BER to all full service House Design Projects

Affinity Offers are Exclusive to Shannon Chamber Members

The firm grew from a “sole practitioner” in the early years, and became among the leading Architectural firms in the Mid-West Region, being on the Consultants List for Government Departments, Semi-State Bodies and Local Authorities. We have a wide range of commercial and private clients, based locally, nationally and internationally. We choose to carry out our services mostly to projects in Clare, Limerick, Kerry, Galway and Tipperary, in order to concentrate on the particular local environmental and climatic conditions, and to be fully familiar with the planning policies, regimes and personalities in the mid-West.
We had a policy of retaining staff so that they can be fully familiar with our work methods, and we encouraged them to take professional development courses on a vide variety of subjects. Following the death of the Celtic Tiger, we have downsized , but have maintain contact with most of our former staff members that are available to return if required.
We have the skills within our office to prepare to prepare line drawings and digital drawings for design purposes and for presentation.

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Co. Clare
Telephone086 8391176