Orchard Wellness Centre

Free Workshop

Free workshop for using the healing properties of essential oils in the home.  



Affinity Offers are Exclusive to Shannon Chamber Members

Orchard Wellness Centre is located in Orchard Lane, Hermitage in Ennis just 5 minutes from the town centre. We provide a range of Therapies, programs and workshops helping people to achieve Physical, mental and emotional well being in a natural way.
We help people to achieve there weight loss goals, stop emotional eating, Stop smoking for good, quit or reduce drinking, Overcome fears, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, depression and other challenges that are holding them back form living the life they desire.

Therapies available range from Reflexology, Professional Consulting Hypnotherapy treatments, Sound Therapy, Aroma touch Massage, Indian Head Massage, Nutritionist, Iridology, IET & Reiki , Counselling & Psychotherapy and Personal development coaching .
Some of the workshops held in the centre are Weight management courses, Teenaider Seminars, Essential oil classes, Art Therapy and Energy Therapy Workshops.

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Address5 Orchard Lane, Ennis,
Co. Clare.
V95 PK6A